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I’m Vernon From the Coal Mine 

By Craig Lewis

Let us leave you with a reflective poem written by our talented lead actor Craig Lewis playing Vernon Morgan: I’m Vernon From the Coal Mine By Craig Lewis   Cardiff Central’s not my city But for six weeks was my home, To calm the nerves some folk drink whisky, I drift to thoughts inside my dome,   When each show date has arrived, My profession is an actor, It beats a nine to five, Self beliefs a major factor,   something that I keep, My faith is like a long jump, Known to take a leap, Each show we did was sold out,   At the end they rose from seats, To stand up and applaud, We were striking the right chord, The bliss feeling was sweet,   Might I add I played the lead, The playwright was Tony Wright, Bringing topics that we need, Our untold stories brung to light,   With meaning like a parable, Magic was created, By himself and Robie Marrable, In the play some points were stated,   Known to raise a brow or two, The crowd was educated, Each scene so powerful, I was a Black man in the coal mine, For research I went the whole nine,   Changing music in my playlist, To music from the old time, So if you asked my name, I’d say I’m Vernon from the coal mine.   And the year is sixty free, I work three times as hard, Towards my daughter’s law degree.   Did you catch one of our shows? Leave Feedback

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