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Heaven's Gate

Heaven's Gate Characters Archibald - A young writer. ROO-  Archibald’s eccentric girlfriend. Mulligan-   A drunk Selwyn Perriguin Saint Clair Junior-   A Jamaican self ordained   preacher . Steve o with an O  - Highly sexed neighbour. Wend the bend   -  Steve- o’s  highly sexed wife.

Heaven's Gate-  Sample STEVO WITH AN O Well hello! Hello I say! Called at the wrong time have we. ARCHIBALD Yes! Yes! You have actually!  We were umm we were  Releasing that he has a knife in his hand and that is girlfriend is standing in front of two strangers with her bits hanging out. STEVO WITH AN O You were having a spot of role play . Jolly good show old man! Looks so much fun. Doesn’t It darling  Turning to his wife. Who do you think they are playing. WENDY Ohhhh  I don’t know but it looks so exciting and real. Look how sexy and scared she looks so excited. Roo makes an attempt to cover up. STEVO WITH AN O I’d say you were a ninja warrior and she was an assassin .Oh how sexy. Bravo. ROO We were not playing!  We were--- At this point the couple push pass and walk into the room STEVO WITH AN O How splendid. She Is still in character Wend, I must say I’m immediately attracted to  both our new neighbors. Oh that’s what we are from today. We are moving in to the flat opposite so we thought we’d pop in for a quick ‘drinky poos’ and to introduce ourselves.   Looking directly at ROOS STILL EXPOSED LEGS. Mr. and Mrs S. Swinger. Swinge.  (laughs crudely)Steve O .Steve O with An  O and this is Wendy or Wend the bend of no doubt you’ll  soon find out as  to how she acquired that nickname. (still  looking at her legs and at her breasts.) I feel Like I already know you.  (CONT’D) INT.       THE LIVING ROOM.IT IS LATER. They all sit down on the small sofas.  STEVO WITH AN O As I was  saying at the door. We are your new neighbours. What a pleasure. Is it not Wend? A pleasure to have  such fit and vibrant a couple as our neighbours. Oh Wend have you got the bottle. Have you got any glasses?  Oh we have not even got your names yet. ARCHIBALD (reluctantly)I am Archibald and this is my girl Roo. STEVO WITH AN O Roo what a great name. Roo have you any glasses? Roo reluctantly gets up to get the glasses. STEVO WITH AN O (CONT’D) Legs eleven! Legs eleven!  What long legs she has. Has she not Wend? WENDY Gorgeous Wendy bends down right in front of Archibald to get the bottle from her bag her skirt is so short and she has little under wear on.   Archibald stares half turned on and half in shock.  STEVO WITH AN O Kelly’s eye hey Archi boy! Go on Wend. Now you see why she’s called Wend the Bend. Her middle name is Sindy With an S Not a C.

HEAVEN’S   GATE.-   A single  television drama or a theatre piece.


Archibald, finds a slice of heaven  , a perfect house in a quiet part of the city only to find that some of its occupants are definitely  more devil than angel.

A dark yet comical farcical journey , ‘Heaven’s Gate ‘  chronicles the journey of Archibald, a  young ambitious writer with a deadline to meet.

The Bliss  and solitude of the new  house does not last long for Archibald as he is visited by his  girlfriend and other characters  that   both attract and repel  him and  ultimately question his beliefs.


We are looking to develop this project so any ideas please contact us.

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