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Tickley Bickley

Tickley Bickley- Sample (Scene: 1) (A funny HAPPY SONG PLAYS IN THE BACKGROUND. THE SOUND OF LOTS OF CHILDREN LAUGHING AND HAVING FUN . SOUND: fizzy pop being poured into a beaker GERAINT Ah-lemonade poured over vanilla ice cream.Ice cream Sundae, I think my dad called it.  My favorite. Perfect just perfect. SOUND: EATING ICE CREAM AND MORE LAUGHTER GERAINT Ah  perfection.  Sunday after noon my favorite time in my favorite peaceful town.perfect! SOUND: of laughter (loud breaking the peace) GERAINT Ah Look it's baby  Zi- Zi. Look at her covered in ice cream and soda.Ha Ha. Not as bad as her poor dad.  Ha  Ha . But he wont get mad at her as in this town its all  about fun, fun fun.  As I was saying. It's a perfect here. Every one is fulfilled and happy. There are the only two rules in our town.That everyone is happy and equal. But my friends it wasn't always perfect like this. No! It's all thanks to the great man Tickley Bickley- SOUND:  children laughing GERAINT See you can't even say his name with out everyone laughing. Go on try it. Tickley Bickley SOUND: more kids laughing and geraint joining in GERAINT Ha  Ha . Hey kids Do you want to hear the  story of the   legend of Tickley Bickley SOUND: kids laughing GERAINT Ah there he is in that big picture in the hall way. Legend has it that it was taken just after the great lost laughing  period. Oh that was a dark dark time  when laughing ceased to exist!  Any how I'm jumping the gun here. Let me tell you about the great man in that picture Tickley Bickley SOUND:  geraint and lots of children laughing GERAINT Tickley Bickley was a funny looking old man. He had long long fingers and a big grey and pink beard. He wore stripy pajamas and an oversized tartan hat.Tickey Bickley took his job serious which was really rather funny as his job was too make the whole world laugh. Tickling the world was his forte. MUSIC:  SONG: HA HA YOU CAN'T BREAK FREE-       I'M TICKELY BICKELY.  HE HE DON'T MATTER WHO YOU BEI'M TICKELY BICKELY.     DON'T CARE IF YOUR  BLACK OR IF YOUR  WHITE. I TICKLE THEM ALL DAY OR NIGHT. KNOCK KNOCK  AT  THE RICH MANS DOOR i CLIMB THROUGH THE WINDOWS OF THE POOR. BUT HAVE NO FEAR ILL MAKE YOU ALL AS HAPPY AS CAN BE . YOU ALL  BEEN TICKLED BY tIKCLEY BICKLEY. GERAINT How old is Tickley? When did he start tickling?Well I heard he goes right back to the  times when we lived in caves. SOUND: a club being slammed down continuously. cave man Urg!  Urg!  Huh SOUND: sound of cave man and tickley wrestling CAVE MAN Ha Ha Ha  Ha GERAINT Yep!  Ha  Ha  Ha . Old Tickley Bickley would sneak up on any one at any time. Take the time he sneaked up on the Prime Minister himself. prime minister It's with great pain - yes pain and the deepest darkest of sorrows that I have to close down the chocolate chicken shop. GERAINT Yep! He said chocolate chicken. As I said kids it's a perfect world with perfect food. VOICE: boos of the people GERAINT Then  out of the blue Tickley Bickley  jumped from the light fitting that he was hanging from. Straight onto the Prime Minister and with his long skinny tickling finger he  tickled the Premier's 's ribs like a man possessed until the poor old Prime Minister burst into PRIME MINISTER (loud guffaws)

Experience the Joyful Magic of Tickley Bickley!

Step into a delightful scene filled with laughter, fun, and a heartwarming story with "Tickley Bickley." This enchanting tale brings to life a town where happiness and equality reign supreme, thanks to the legendary Tickley Bickley

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