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Kip's Story

My Dad- Victor Wright

As part of an on going project- the study of my father and other black miners that worked in the South Wales coalfield, ' Kip's Story' was a result of an interview kindly given by   Welsh Black miner.

The play  'Kip's Story' was performed at The Royal School of Music and Drama as  part of Black History Month.  It was directed by renowned Welsh director -Gregg Cullen. With a cast of talented proffesional actors. 

As stated the subject of Black Welsh Miners is on going and this site welcomes ideas to further advance the cause.

Victor was born in Jamaica  and worked at Nangaraw and Big Windsor pit for around thirty yeares. When on his death bed Victor was asked by his son,' Giving how hard it was down the pit, would he have done it all again if giving the chance ? '  Victor replied, ' Of cause I would have, great comrades, great days. Of cause I would have!'

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