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A message to you - Dandy Livingstone.


There's a new Tory government. Jobs are hard to come by. The weather isn't up to much. But somewhere in a makeshift club, people are dancing to a new tune. It's 1980. The place is Cardiff. The music is Ska. Here come the rude boys...'


Relax and be transported back to the real 1980's. Life for a young mixed race guy growing up in Splott was not a lot l...ike Dallas: it was more like the OK Corral. And the music was way better. In fact Roddy would tell you that the music saved his life...


Rude is a brand new Ska Musical with an amazing dynamic cast  (Rude had two sell out runs

Shekira Johnson       Stella
Brent Morgan            Bones    
John Norton                PC Blakelock
Dean Rehman             Roddie
Joe Shire                      Lollopop

Pluss  a  full live ska band.


Second show-  ------  as Bones and  Sule Rimi  as Lolliopop.



Al Capone- The Specials.  

Rudie an im gal find love over a bag a chip down a Carroline Sreet a common fete  ya  

What the press said.


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