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Music has  always been important to me and remains a great passion.   I  first got invoved in music as  a  form of expression by joining a  a reggae sound system  (  see  my dissertation)  I then bought my first guitar at the age of 19 when a girlfreind at the time dumped me. I   put my feelings  down on paper and strummed a few chords - my songwriting carreer had began.'





The song ‘Angels Don’t Die,’ was originally written in 1990 for my niece Shardae who tragically passed away at the tender age of six weeks due to sudden infant death syndrome.

Recorded at The Channel View Leisure Centre recording studio. The original song was sung by Senouci. The song was a success and we sold CD’s to help purchase a headstone for Shardae.

Six years later due to demand for the song I met up with  co- writers John Lenny  and Senouci  Hardy and we decided to re-record the song. It was given a modern Rnb style and vocals were performed by Luke Giles and Kate. The song was made into a CD and with the proceeds money was raised for the Foundation for the study of Infant Deaths. The song was also featured on a local television programme and received radio play.

Sadly in March 2010 Shardae’s dad Philip unexpectedly passed away due to a sudden unknown heart defect. He was 45. Philip and Shardae now both rest in peace together in a joint grave in Ely Cemetery.


ANGELS DON'T DIE  Wright/Hardy/Lennie




Sometimes then beautiful ones

they leave you.

You've got to learn to love them

while you can, when you can. 

sometimes the mighty lord re-takes them

right from under your very hand,

so from birth -from birth 

cherish every hour, cherish every hour,

each and every hour.

No little mama don't cry

Angels don't die


You will find yourself

asking questions

knowing the answers can't be found.

Why is it always the good ones ?

When there's so much wickedness around, all around.

Every now and then

an angel visit's the Earth

to remind us that love is the ultimate power,

so, from the miracle of birth ,

cherish every hour, every moment of every hour.

Little mama don't cry

Angels don't die.

To love, to know, to cry, to hold, to teach ,to learn, to crawl, to walk, to learn to talk, discover games, Angel's don't die.

From birth - cherish every hour no little mama don't cry - Angel's don't die.

Dedicated to Philip and SHARDE

phil and his angels.

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