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"The  best story you can tell is your own."


A Celtic mystic story teller of Ancient worlds.  A player of the harp - a poet .


An African tribal teller  informing all  of the history of the region. A player of many instruments  such as the kora.

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This beautiful celtic harp  is  played by Catrin Finch

A hauning tune on the kora -  informing and inspirational-  vocal-  Sona  Jabarteh- Jarabi.

 "stories are real- in the mind of children. We are all god's children. So let us tell you a story."

 Hi I'm  Anthony- director-writer of this site-Barddgriot- Productions. Here is a collection of my works- on the following pages you wil  see and view the  plays songs and other creatve things that I have been involved with-  oh and also play some tunes of artists that have inspired me along the way  hope you enjoy- peace and love to all.


coming from a long ancient line and tradition- this student is more than a three-year graduation.

My major was rooted in history

no minor was my philosophy.

Yes education was the key to the door

that showed me without

knowledge we always will be poor.

Keep learning  and  understanding oh my

ancient freind- peace and love of the messenger

before   our times   end.

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