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Jailhouse  Pressure  'The Prisons Within'

Would like to thank- Jemma  Llewellyn  Hummie Webb- Brian Taher-  Brent Morgan- Jah Scouse  Gary Devonish - Shekira Johnson-  Wendy Ismail-Butetown Arts Centre- Time To Change and anyone else invoved .

The Prisons Within in is  now part of The Welsh Mental Health Festiva at Mllinium Centre on 21  november.  For ticket  info   for this event click on the button below-  ta  

poster designed by the loveable Mr Johnny Costen- thank you good freind.



Jailhouse pressure   By the great Pablo Gadd - check his  music -  INSPIRATIONAL.

 Commisioned by 'Mind' as part of their ' Time To Change.'  A campaign to  end stigma attatched to mental health. The Prison Within played to two sell out crowds at 'Butetown History and arts Centre Cardiff.

The play has a cast of three ( This production had an all  male  cast but  the play could be equally as dramatic with a females or  a younger cast.)

Currently the play is being performed in May  at 'Parc' Prison' and also at Wales Millinium Stadium.

We  are looking for possibe funding for a tour of Uk prisons and other relevant venues .All interested parties please contact this website-  thank  you.








Now you understand me- words sang by Nina Simone.



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